Punisher Brochure: FGCM Edition


Thank you for considering purchasing your Punisher from FGCM.

This document is aimed at introducing the new pilot to the Amarrian Punisher-class combat frigate and providing a summary of the fitting variations provided by this independent supplier. We have every confidence that our design and customisation specialists will have prepared your vessel to your satisfaction and that it will provide you with many years of exemplary service.

Rest assured that prior to reconditioning by FGCM specialists, every vessel in the service of the Amarr Imperial Navy would have been rigorously maintained to a very high standard and would have been routinely blessed by a registered chaplain.

The Role of Combat Frigates

Frigates are the smallest class of pilotable combat vessel in common usage and as such are often underestimated. With an appropriately trained captain at the helm, frigates are an invaluable asset that can fulfil a variety of roles unique to their class. With their small size, great maneouverability and speed and their simplicity of fitting, frigates can be a great benefit to fleets as scouts and interceptors, but also find use in wolfpacks and as formidable solo vessels in the right hands.

An additional boon is that frigates tend to be far more affordable than larger vessels and the training requirements are significantly lower than many larger ship classes. However, for best performance, it is recommended that the captain (and crew where appropriate) endeavour to train to the highest possible standard in all relevant disciplines.

Punisher Strengths

The official press release for the Punisher states;

“The Amarr Imperial Navy has been upgrading many of its ships in recent years and adding new ones. The Punisher is one of the most recent ones and considered by many to be the best Amarr frigate in existence. As witnessed by its heavy armaments, the Punisher is mainly intended for large-scale military operations, acting in coordination with larger military vessels, but it is more than powerful enough for solo operations.”

Amarr Frigate Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to Small Energy Turret capacitor use and 5% bonus to armor resistances per skill level.”

Piloting Principles

As with any vessel, your Punisher will perform to it's strengths only if used appropriately. Any fitting loadout is designed with a specific purpose in mind and should be used in that manner in order to obtain maximum benefit. However, in almost all cases, the following points should be adhered to:

Custom Loadouts

Our workshop staff have worked tirelessly to produce a variety of effective and exciting Punisher fitting loadouts to suit the entry-level pilot. Whilst each design has upgradability as improving skills allow, the reader should be aware that these loadouts are designed for the new capsuleer and may be considered sub-optimal for experienced pilots.

All loadouts and key statistics are based on all relevant skills being close to the minimum required to fit all featured modules. Higher than minimum skill levels would result in significant increases to displayed statistics.


The 'Pitbull' Punisher is designed with easy missioning in mind. It has a balanced loadout with a focus on survivability. Designed for close-range combat against multiple hostiles, it has an armour tank that can withstand punishment indefinitely whilst it's weapon systems whittle down the enemy numbers.

Key Statistics
Role: Solo Combat Mission Tank
Effective Hit Points: 6000+
Tank Type: Armour permaboost @ 30hp/sec+
Optimal Weapon Range: 500m (with 4.5km+ falloff)
Damage: 102hp per volley. 33hp per second.
Top Speed: 670 m/s (AB)
Capacitor: Stable with all active modules running.

Loadout Specifics
High Slots: 3x 150mm Light Autocannon I (EMP S projectile ammo)
Med. Slots: Cold-Gas Arcjet Thrusters, Barton Reactor Capacitor Recharger I
Low Slots: Small Inefficient Armour Repair Unit, Damage Control I, Microcell Nanite Adaptive Membrane I, 400mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Rigs: 3x Small Capacitor Control Circuit I

Design Notes


The 'Archer' configuration is based around sniping at range. Whilst not as durable as some setups, it's key strength lies in ability to strike at great distances. Whereas most frigate engagements take place within 10km ranges, the Archer is capable of striking the enemy almost 30km.

Key Statistics
Role: Solo Combat Mission Sniper
Effective Hit Points: 2500+
Tank Type: Range tank with armour buffer
Optimal Weapon Range: 22km (with 5.1km+ falloff)
Damage: 68hp per volley. 22hp per second.
Top Speed: 724 m/s (AB)
Capacitor: Stable with all active modules running.

Loadout Specifics
High Slots: 3x Medium Modal Laser I (Radio S frequency crystals)
Med. Slots: Cold-Gas Arcjet Thrusters, F-12 Nonlinear Tracking Processor (Optimal Range script)
Low Slots: Thermal Exhaust System I, Heat Sink I, 100mm Reinforced Nanofiber Plates, Photonic CPU Enhancer I
Rigs: 2x Small Ancillary Current Router I, Small Algid Energy Administrations Unit I

Design Notes


The 'Feral' Punisher is a dedicated damage dealer. Prioritising weapons systems over all other design considerations, this configuration is best used to provide additional damage in support of a dedicated tanking vessel.

Key Statistics
Role: Squad Combat Mission DPS
Effective Hit Points: 2100+
Tank Type: Pulsed active armour repair.
Optimal Weapon Range: 3.3km (with 2.1km+ falloff)
Damage: 181hp per volley. 70hp per second.
Top Speed: 733 m/s (AB)
Capacitor: 1m 18s with all active modules running. Stable without armour repair.

Loadout Specifics
High Slots: 3x Medium Anode Pulse Particle Stream I (Multifrequency S frequency crystals)
Med. Slots: Cold-Gas Arcjet Thrusters, F-b10 Nominal Capacitor Regenerator
Low Slots: 2x Heat Sink I, Small Inefficient Armor Repair Unit, Type-D Power Core Modification Diagnostic System
Rigs: Small Energy Burst Aerator I, Small Energy Collision Accelerator I

Design Notes


Designed as an introduction to capsuleer-versus-capsuleer combat (PvP), the 'Taz' configuration is quite a daunting loadout to manage, but can provide a useful and affordable insight into interception and tackling techniques. A maneouverable, high-speed loadout equipped with the ability to warp-scramble and capacitor-neutralise, the Taz is ideal for providing tackling support for a highly mobile frigate wolfpack.

Key Statistics
Role: Squad PvP Tackler
Effective Hit Points: 2600+
Tank Type: Speed tank with armour repairer support.
Optimal Weapon Range: 0.6km for weapons, 6.3km for Neut, 8.6km for Scram
Damage: 82hp per volley. 26hp per second.
Top Speed: 2169 m/s (MWD)
Capacitor: 29s with all active modules running. Stable with MWD, Scrambler, Damage Control & Energy Vampire only.

Loadout Specifics
High Slots: 2x150mm Light 'Scout' Autocannon I, Small Diminishing Power System Drain I, Small Unstable Power Fluctuator I
Med. Slots: Catalyzed Cold-Gas Arcjet Thrusters, J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler
Low Slots: Damage Control I, Small 'Accomodation' Vestment Reconstructer I, Microcell Nanite Adaptive Membrane I, Local Hull Conversion Inertial Stabilizers I
Rigs: Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I, Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I, Small Auxiliary Thrusters I

Design Notes