Putting Moose Beaver to the Sword

These days, my EVE-related activities are more metagame than actual EVE-playing. I spend hours every week reading, writing and recording EVE-flavoured things, but very little time actively flying my internet spaceships. This makes me sad. I enjoy the meta-activities too much to give them up and until I learn how to fold time to my will, my in-game activity will probably remain pretty occasional.

But excitingly, today is one of those occasions.

Due to my natural English pomposity, it seems I have managed to offend those mild-mannered Canadians, provoking their champion to challenge me to a spaceship duel. It wasn't easy though - perhaps too laid-back and chill for his own good, Kirith 'Defender of the Moose Beaver' Kodachi only threw down the gauntlet when I pointed out he should have been offended by my gently racist comments about boots and boats (eh?). He obligingly did so, tossing a fluffy moose-skin mitten to the floor of the Tweetfleet meeting hall.

Kirith nominated the place (which I think is better left undisclosed for the time being) and I suggested the terms to which he agreed.

That's about all we've agreed on, I'm sure we'll hammer out the finer details as we go. It should be an entertaining engagement. Both Kirith and I are long enough in the tooth for skillpoints to be pretty irrelevant, so this combat will be decided by knowledge, experience and cunning.

Which should ensure I do hilariously badly.

Tally Ho!

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