Incarna: The Text Adventure v1.1

The "Devblog"

The internet is a strange and unpredictable thing, especially when populated with EVE players. Last week, whilst suffering from a bout of post-night shift insomnia, I entertained myself for a few hours by following up on a half-baked idea I'd been sitting on. I posted a link to the resulting blog-post maze on Twitter and called it Incarna: The Text Adventure.

To my astonishment, in forty-eight hours 'Incarna: TTA' had more unique visitors than this Freebooted blog gets in a month and it's now had more page visits than Freebooted has had since I started tracking the statistics. Big thanks to EVE News 24 who generated a huge amount of interest. Needless to say I was stunned.

Some of the kind comments taken from around the web:

"Satirical Genius" - CCP Manifest, CCP's voice of sanity.

"..actually more fun than the CCP version." - CSM Seleene, the sensible good-looking one.

"Pure genius." - Ripard Teg, Blogging Robot from the Future.

"Every so often something brilliant happens...Enjoy." - Rixx Javix, Word Autocannon.

"This is seriously brilliant. I was laughing out loud before I even left the balcony." - DavidKMagnus, interwebs dood.

Obviously, as a "game" (and I use that term very loosely), I:TTA has little replayability due to the limited content, so unsurprisingly the huge traffic spike tailed off to almost nothing after a few days. As an experiment, I thought I'd try to breathe new life into it to see if those players would revisit to explore the "new content".

I really enjoy writing what is essentially a tongue-in-cheek review of EVE, it's developers and it's community and would be more than happy to continue to update it on a regular basis if there is a persistent audience for it. But equally I can accept that it may have just been a flash-in-the-pan and its day in the sun is now over.

This "patch" is the litmus test.

The "Patch Notes"

Incarna: TTH v1.1
Additional Update #1
Give your graphics card a break and enjoy Incarna: The Text Adventure. Then come back and tell we what you thought.

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