Blog Banters Reborn, Now With Added Troll

The Blog Banter has been a long-standing tradition within the EVE blogging community, providing a fantastic platform for the sharing of ideas and the cross-pollenation of readership. And now it's back.

Following the recent success of our 'unofficial' Blog Banter discussing the idea of quick matches in EVE, it was clear that the blogging community still had an appetite for kicking around the big issues. Following some thought and discussion, with some trepidation I volunteered myself to take on the role of Blog Banter co-ordinator. I'm not entirely sure how much work this will involve, but I have already obtained and updated Crazy Kinux's old mailing list.

To begin with, I thought I would trim things down in an effort to keep things fluid and dynamic. But first things first; for the new arrivals to the blogging community I'd better start from the top.

What is a Blog Banter?

Put simply, it is a conversation conducted within a blogging community. A single topic is chosen, then all those who have an interest in the subject matter offer their opinion in an article published on their own blog whilst reading and commenting on the articles of others. The articles can be in whatever form the author chooses and can be in response to the original topic or addressing issues brought up in the response of another.

For an example, check out this summary of a previous banter.

How does it work?

As before, I will send out an email to everyone on the mailing list, detailing the topic for discussion.

Under Crazy Kinux's care, Blog Banters were a monthly affair conducted in an orderly fashion with regular question submissions from the community. I'm sure his experience led him to executing Blog Banters in this manner, however I'd like to keep things a little more fluid. Whilst I wouldn't want to be churning out multiple banters in any given month, I think within reason it is worth being able to respond and mobilise a Banter as the "hot topics" present themselves.

I see no advantage in having a specific "do not publish before" deadline, so if you've written something, get it out there. The advantage of this will be that the later banters may take the form of a reply to the earlier ones, creating a true conversation. Additionally, there will be no onus on the banterer to present his or her banter in any particular way. Whilst an email providing the topic will be sent to everyone on the mailing list, it is more important that the spirit of the discussion be entered into than the inclusion of a big chunk of text that everyone will only skim over anyway.

By no means a rule, but a couple of suggestions: including links to relevant articles and sources is always helpful for those who want to read further and although I will do my best to maintain a list of all entries, it is common practice to include a list of other banter posts at the bottom of each banter.

What Will Be Discussed?

Any topic is fair game, with EVE Online being the inspiration. I will endeavour to seek out themes that will give rise to engaging and varied discussion. In other words, I want divisive, controversial and emotive topics that'll get heckles rising. Hell if we can't troll each other, we probably shouldn't be playing EVE.

Once all entries are in, a round-up/review article will be produced summarising the banter. Previous banter summary examples can be read here.

Banter On Dudes!

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