Mark726's EVE Lore Guide

Mark726's EVE Lore Survival Guide (v1.5.1)

A one-stop shop for all content-seekers, roleplayers and those curious about the backstory of EVE Online, written by Mark726 of EVE Travel. Check out CCP and reader testimonials here.

1. "EVE Online: The Greatest Story Still Being Told" (foreword by Seismic Stan)

2. An Introduction

3. The Empires
4. The Frontier Organizations
5. Technology & Miscellany


  1. Amazing guide. Thank you so much for this. Any detailed info about the Jove?

  2. What exactly are you looking for on the Jove? I think I linked the variety of major articles on them in the guide (mostly in the Introductory post, but sprinkled elsewhere as well as they pop up), and Templar One gives a lot of details on their history as well. If you have specific questions though, I'll be happy to answer them (and sorry for the late reply, I only just saw this)

  3. Amazing work.

  4. Any chance the PDFs are hosted somewhere still?

    1. Yeah, Mark726 hosts them over at EVE travel. I didn't realise the links from this page were broken, so thanks for catching that.

    2. Wonderful, thank you! :)


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