Tech 4 Flashback: The Stories of the Non-Capsuleer Residents of New Eden

Tech 4 News was a community-sourced creative collaboration which examined the universe of New Eden from the non-capsuleer perspective.

Running from 2011 to 2012, it started life as an ambitious dramatic podcast featuring some of EVE's renowned podcasters of the time (and some cameos from further afield), but was also supported by some great written submissions from various contributors from the blogosphere.

Sadly, the march of time has seen the original Tech 4 News website shut down and the iTunes episode downloads disappear, but there was a lot of great work done by many talented individuals whose efforts deserve to be remembered. To address this, for the next few weeks I will be recovering assorted Tech 4 News resources and re-publishing them here on Freebooted.

The Faces of Tech 4

To kick off, here's a shortened version of the Tech 4 machinima title sequence, featuring the musical composition of Garheade (EVE Commune) and video sequence by me, Mat 'Seismic Stan' Westhorpe. All footage was captured from the EVE client using FRAPS.

Wormhole Spelunking

The original podcast series featured over 3 hours of in-character audio spread over several episodes. Its magazine-show format saw the main episodes made up of a news segment, interviews and discussions, a comical technology and science section and a more dramatic field report sequence. That field report story arc, focusing on the exploits of ambitious Minmatar reporter Meilikki Valpuri as she broadcasts an frigate exploration mission to wormhole space, is reproduced below as a single episode.

The voice talents of Angus McDecoy (Fly Reckless podcast) as the broadcast's anchor Paydas Adavaar, and Arydanika (Voices From the Void) as reporter Meilikki Valpuri carried the show, but this particular section was most definitely Arydanika's finest hour, with a genuinely compelling dramatic performance.

Also featuring in this story were the voice talents of Max Torps and Noise (Starfleet Comms) as the hapless technicians, Breki Tomasson (CSICON) as Captain Brek, Hallen Turrek (Voices from the Void) as Lt. Koyo Sejamon, Penelope Star (Starfleet Comms) as 2Lt. Celeste Joringer, Arkenor (The MMOsketeers) as 2Lt. Arken Westlea. A cameo from the now departed lead designer CCP Soundwave aslo features in the opening sequence.

I look forward to sharing more Tech 4 material in the coming days.

Feature Flashbacks