Thukk you, Frill Me! - The Protest In Pictures

Given that Thukk You, Frill Me! was, at it's core, about aesthetics more than words, here's the event in pictures.

Test-running a protest "disco"-fit Stabber at New Eden's stress ball and punch-bag, the fractured monument at Jita 4-4.
Possibly two Vagabonds, a Stabber and variant X (nobody's really sure any more) warming up in Jita.
As the protest grows, so does the light show.
The busiest trade-hub in the cluster looks on perplexed (and possibly frustrated by the increase in traffic).
"Wait, where you going fellas? What do you mean there's a red on the undock, what about the protest?"
"No, don't take the sacrificial Vagabond over there too, it's meant to stay by the monument. ~sigh~ RvB: like a pack of dogs chasing a squirrel."
"Yes, yes, I'm sure the red is here somewhere. Just pop him then, so we can get back to the protest."
Squirrel chase over and finally back at the monument, the Sacrificial Vagabond starts taking heat. Pilot Combat Mink braces for the inevitable...
The explosion-hungry fleet makes short work of the Vagabond - the bittersweet slaughter of one of their own underlines the sense of disappointment at the removal of the "frill".
Point explosively made, the march is underway and the fleet make best speed for the null-sec HQ of Vagabond manufacturers Thukker Mix in the Great Wildlands.
Throughout the march, the protesters did their best to diplomatically raise awareness using a variety of communication techniques including sharing "ship schematics" in local.
Scouts reported a gate camp defending the target system, so the fleet cunningly employed a pincer maneouver to outsmart the would-be waylayers.
With the Thukk You, Frill Me! fleet bearing down on the enemy gatecamp from two directions, our victory was inevitable...
...Alas, on our our arrival, it appeared that the campers were in agreement and had chosen to withdraw.

Finally, with the path to the Thukker Mix HQ clear, the dissent of thousands of unhappy Vagabond afficionados would be voiced violently by 200 angry protesters.

"There's the den of hangar-invading, frill-stealing Thukkers! Frill-seekers... CHARGE!!!" 
"Don't worry lads, I'll draw their fire, you hit 'em where it hurts."

"Buggrit! You make take our Frills, but you'll never take our..."

"Oh....Ok, which of you jokers podded me? Was it because of the 'pack of dogs' comment?"

For more detail on the how the Thukk You, Frill Me! and RvB Ganked roam went check out the following links.

The protest march is over, but the battle rages on... show your support in this thread.

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