Showcasing EVE Online: An Embedded Journalist's Odyssey

My first article for MMO community hosting service Guild Launch has been published. Exploring EVE Online: Fanfest and "The Nation of EVE" discusses the nature of EVE's complex society and looks at highlights from Fanfest. It also sets me on a path which will require help from the EVE Online community.

As the Guild Launch blog is an "out-facing" website, with a readership comprising non-EVE players, I see this as an opportunity to showcase aspects of EVE Online's community and gameplay that are often overlooked in favour of the more sensationalist aspects of EVE activity. In the greater gaming world, it is a widely held misconception that all EVE players are selfish bastards just looking to hound new players from the game.

It is my intention to corp-hop for a year in order to experience and write about the wide variety of activities and communities that we know exist, but the rest of the world dismisses as the antisocial behaviour of just another bunch of griefers. By documenting the multitude of social and gameplay options available to the EVE player, I hope to paint a picture of a diverse, engaging and open universe of endless possibilities. Unless I find you are all selfish griefing bastards, in which case I'll write about that instead. It'll still make good copy.

Over the course of the next year, in no particular order, I will be looking to explore the following aspects of EVE Online:

I have had some offers already, but if your corporation or alliance is prepared to take me under their wing to showcase your chosen play style, please get in touch.

Of course, I realise that this venture will raise all manner of concerns regarding operational security and spying. I can only state that I intend to approach this project with complete transparency and it is neither in the interests of my integrity as an "embedded journalist" or the spirit of showcasing EVE Online for me to leak like a sieve or stitch anyone up.

I would work with my host organisation to examine the gameplay at hand and integrate with its community for the duration of my stay. In this way we can work as a society to show an alternative face of EVE Online to the one perceived by many readers, your corporation or alliance will get some exposure and I get to meet lots of cool people. Everyone's a winner.

I'm not trying to portray the "Nation of EVE" as something it's not, but let us at least give the gaming world the opportunity to make an informed decision.

Together let's showcase the true face of EVE Online.

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