Blog Banter 30 Review: Crucible 1.0 Patch Notes

Build 306979 to BB30 addresses Patch Notes for Crucible 1.0

Released Saturday, November 26, 2011. The following are the relevant file sizes for client updates:

- Windows from Incarna 1.1.3 to Crucible 1.0 is Lotsa Meg
- Windows full client is a Fuktun o' Gig.
- Mac from Incarna 1.1.3 to Crucible 1.0 is unknown, but we're sure it'll be fine.
- Mac full client is YOUR ENTIRE HARD DRIVE.

Table of Contents



The regularity of wormhole spawns will be gradually decreasing to a much lower frequency. This will occur progressively over the next few weeks. Make your plans accordingly.


Rise of the Pirate Factions
More details on these changes can be found in the following (not) Dev Blogs; Diary of a Pod Pilot, 2nd Anomaly From the Left

Faction Warfare
Read more about the above features in these (not) Dev Blogs, Sand, Cider and SpaceshipsA Scientist's Life in EVE and Interstellar Privateer.


Storyline-driven live events will be forthcoming to re-invigorate the conflict as tensions between the Empires and the pirate factions escalates. For further details on the backstory, check out the following perspectives;


Directional Scanner

The Capital Interdictor (Zeus)

Originally developed by ORE as a mining fleet guardian, the Zeus capital class interdictor whilst not designed to mount any direct-fire weapons, has nonetheless been subverted for military application. Officially classified as a non-combat vessel, the Zeus is capable of high-sec travel, although pilots should be aware that CONCORD will respond as normal to the uncontrolled use of area-of-effect modules.

Multi-harmonic pulse emission technology allows the fitting of specialist modules that can enable the following functions:

The Mothership (Athena)

Designed to accompany the Zeus in deep space operations, the Athena is non-combat capital originally designed to support colonisation and deadspace outpost construction, but has been adapted to support remote fleets on the front lines. As such it functions as a mobile starbase and provides all of the same facilities (manufacture, research, refine and repair). Further details here.

Market Improvements

Standings Mechanics
Further information about these changes can be found in the following (not) Devblogs:  Haberdashers Run Amok, Diary of a Pod PilotUrziel's EVE ChronicleBeyond Space, Mabrick's Mumblings.

Planetary Interaction

Controls and Camera
Read more about the above features in these (not) Dev Blogs; Shall We Not Revenge... and Freebooted.

Further information about these changes can be found in the following (not) Devblogs: Rants From New Eden, Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, Sand Cider and Spaceships, Finders & Keepers, Voyager Spirit, Omnis Arcanum of EVE, MuppetNinjas.

[This is the final review of Blog Banter 30, thanks to everyone who took part.]

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