Blog Banter 28: "The Future of EVE Online, CCP and the CSM"

Recent events with the CSM Emergency Summit minutes (or lack thereof) and the subsequent dissenting CSM voices on EVE Radio, assorted blogs and various other gaming media have brought the relationship between CCP and the CSM (and therefore the players) to the fore once again.

Tweetfleet conversations later discussing the situation led to calls for a Blog Banter to facilitate a broader dialogue across the blogging community. As a result, the following questions have been asked:

"In recent months, the relationship between CCP and it's customers has been the subject of some controversy. The player-elected Council of Stellar Management has played a key role in these events, but not for the first time they are finding CCP difficult to deal with. What effect will CCP's recent strategies have on the future of EVE Online and it's player-base? What part can and should the CSM play in shaping that future? How best can EVE Online's continued health and growth be assured?"

Please feel free to take part in the Blog Banter, for more details, see here.

The following are some useful links to resources relevant to this discussion.
It seems that The Mittani's promised media assault is underway:
A statement by The Mittani as a result of the above articles can be found on the new EvE Forums here.

A good account of the developments so far (Sep 8th 2011) has been written by Orrakus and published on EVE Stratics: CCP Faces Longevity Concerns from its Playerbase.

14:22gmt on 9th September 2011, CCP publishes the controversial CSM Emergency Summit Minutes.

A refreshingly positive spin on the future of EVE from MMORPG's coverage of CCP's recent PAX Prime appearance.

18:26gmt on 9th September, an announcement by CSM member Meissa Anunthiel on the EVE Online forums read as follows:

"Amidst the recent forum activity about reports of decreased subscriber count, discontent about lack of resources allocated to "Flying In Space" (or, as we know it, Eve Online) and, despite Gridlock and Team BFF's efforts, general stagnation when it comes to fixes and improvements, the CSM just met with CCP's Senor Producer for Eve Online: CCP Zulu.

During that meeting, we discussed the players' concerns with the man who has the ability to resolve them. We cannot share the details of the meeting itself because it is heavily NDA'd, but ways to resolve your concerns have been discussed and a follow-up meeting is planned."

To which The Mittani added:

"I thought it was a useful conversation and I look forward to the next meeting - useful enough that we'll be relaxing the media pressure for now. Take that for what you will."

The Banters

As they are written, I will link the community responses below.
Final Summary

* Whilst not actually claiming to be a BB entry, this excellent post by a CSM representative was perfectly timed and addresses the banter topic superbly.
** Again, not cited as a Banter, but relevant discourse from a CSM member.

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