Incursion Sweepstake

In the Old Pond Pub in-game channel, we're running a sweepstake on the January release date of the Incursion expansion. It's just a bit of fun and you are invited to join in. The pot is currently up to 72 million isk but there's room for plenty more bets.

The basic rules are as follows:
We ran similar competitions for the previous two dates, but both times the prize-pot ended up unclaimed, so we've rolled the prize-pot over again to the January segment and are looking to fill more dates to prevent the same thing from happening.

Come and have a punt. There's plenty of unclaimed dates left and I don't really want to have to organise another competition to get rid of the cash.

January Incursion Release Predictions
(Winning date announced on the Official Incursion website)

Sat 1st - 343guilty1 (1m)
Tue 4th - Indiego Montoya (1m)
Fri 7th - korleena muran (1m)
Sat 8th - haav0c (1m)
Sun 9th - feilx10 (1m)
Mon 10th - Vsmit (1m)
Tue 11th - BobTheExcavator (1m), Adrielle Firewalker (2m)
Wed 12th - Merinne (1m)
Thu 13th - Herschel Yamamoto (1m), Istari Silver (2m)
Fri 14th - Nashh Kadavr (1m)
Sat 15th - Inara Baggins (1m), Aneesa (2m), Agent Smitty (3m)
Sun 16th - Commander Phoenix (1m)
Mon 17th - Mike Azariah (1m), Cyberin (2m)

Tue 18th - DoraTheExploder (1m), wamphyrri (2m), Cossity (3m) <-- WINNERS PAID 24m EACH

Wed 19th - Seismic Stan (1m), Flumer (2m)
Thu 20th - Kasmira Dufay (1m)
Sat 22nd - Teh Bear (1m)
Mon 24th - paritybit (1m)
Tue 25th - Breal D'nie (1m), Shinseki (2m)
Wed 26th - Greenbeard (1m)

CURRENT PRIZE POT: 72,000,000 isk

If this style of competition proves popular, we'll make it a regular feature of Freebooted and the Old Pond Pub channel.