Free Cadmium Moon

Hurry, hurry, hurry, get your free Cadmium moon. While stocks last.

Wildly Inappropriate have attacked our POS, the Free Boot, and put it into reinforced. As we Freebooters are having a period of relative inactivity, they're probably doing us a favour, so I've declined their 350m isk ransom and told them they're welcome to the moon. The fact that we're an allianceless 4-man corp without the means to defend the POS is also a factor.

However, it would amuse me greatly if an opportunistic alliance or some crafty pirates could ninja the spoils out from under their noses. Screenshots of any harassment for a future blogpost would be most welcome.

The POS is in the Derelik region, at Assah IV, moon 1. It comes out of reinforced in less than 3 hours, at 0300 EVEtime.

Go grab yourselves a lucrative cadmium moon and immortalise yourselves at the Battle of the Free Boot.

0730hrs Update:

Sadly, it seems my machievellian attempts to create a bloodbath at the Free Boot totally failed and Wildly Inappropriate got the job done in short order. I finally found time to log in several hours after the event and, whilst I was investigating the site, a nice chap from WI called firerock popped into the Old Pond Pub channel. After a surprisingly pleasant chat he provided me with a link to their killboards.

As of the time of this update, there is currently nothing at that moon so there's still a juicy cadmium moon going begging. However, firerock did give me the impression that WI might be moving into the area, but they might just want us to think that - I'm not sure you can trust an organisation that blows up your POSs and shares it's initials with the Women's Institute.

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